Hello World! Tara here...

I like to introduce myself as a user interaction researcher and designer, intensely interested in creative technology and ubiquitous computing systems and user centered design. I love the challenge of finding creative unconventional, yet totally adoptable solutions to everyday problems just as much as I love empathizing with my users.

Anything creative, when bended with technology and design becomes a magnet for me, explaining why Dreamworks Animation and EA DICE were perfect workplaces to the few years I have worked in the industry. I currently work at Microsoft, Redmond, as a user researcher for Mixed Reality experiences and mechanics.

What I do and how I do it...

I'm a problem solver and innovator. In most of my projects, my primary contribution is in brainstorming unique, creative and highly usable solutions from user requirements. I wear a design thinking badge. I like exploring all corners of the design space, so many of my designs might even run outside of conventional norms of app design, between hardware and software, and creating new interactions based on what seems most natural. I design best when I work iteratively, working on feedback from my users. I also love interacting with my users and observing them at work, to qualitatively understand what it is they really need. Because of my engineering background, I love tinkering with prototyping, as seen from my working prototypes across my projects. I feel comfortable learning and using new technologies. This has allowed me, on numerous occasions to communicate with, and work effectively with highly artistic as well as highly engineering oriented people.

Fun Facts...

  • I've visited 25 countries.

  • I'm a trained Indian classical dancer (Sneakpeak here!)

  • I've written poetry every since I could write.

  • I challenged myself to give up something I liked for a year. I haven't eaten any foods with added sugars for over 2.5 years (and counting!) now.

  • I'm a 5th level certificate holder for Elocution, from the Trinity College of London.

  • I have movie credits in 2 films - How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Penguins of Madagascar.