hozho: The travelling disney theme park

** This project was designed for the Disney Imaginations 2016 competition **

Hozho was a blue sky concept for a travelling theme park that spreads the magic of Disney around to people across the United States, when they could not make it to Disney World. So we designed a guest experience that could be set up and torn down in one day each, and would spend 3 to 5 days in every city. We needed to make sure our design could be dismantled and transported.

Team: We worked as a team of 4 students. We were an interdisciplinary team that had students from HCI and Digital Media.

Role in Team: I played the role of the team leader. I contributed to organization, planning, concept, experience design and workflow and technology research and design of the final project, while my team members helped in content creation, visual design, architecture design and materials research. As a team, we were all involved in brainstorming and story telling, equally. 

Duration of project: 1.5 months

Our approach to the problem
The problem statement was quite wide and open ended, so we had a lot of flexibility in coming up with ideas. Also, due to the time constraints with the submission deadlines, we did not have the time for extensive research. Here were some of the approaches we took to this rapid design sprint.

Research: Theme Park design research, typical budget constraints of Disney, vehicle structural design research, technology research for novel ideas, surveys on what the public enjoy the most in theme parks!

Brainstorming: Affinity diagraming and mapping of results, story create for the experience, and Post its!


Below is a copy of the actual presentation submitted as a design blueprint. Again, this was a blue sky research, but we have tried to support our design with technical details to support!

Packaging is important in design, so we wanted to ensure, that not only did out presentation represent our idea, but a teeny bit of it was also conveyed outside of PDF documents. After all, we are talking about the real tangible magic that Disney has to offer!